Self-Sufficient Organic Vegetable Growing

The popularity of organic food is prompting gardeners to switch to organic gardening methods.Growing organic vegetables means your family can enjoy healthy, tasty, fresh produce free of synthetic chemicals or pesticides.

What does it mean to grow organic vegetables?
In its simplest form, organic gardening means gardening without man-made chemicals. Instead of synthetic ingredients, organic gardeners rely on ingredients that occur naturally and that work in harmony with the natural goodness that comes from healthy, productive soil.

Is organic farming a profitable industry?

A study conducted by The Center for Sustainability at Aquinas College found organic farming yields can be up to 10x more profitable than conventional row crop, commodity farming. … Converting from conventional farming to sustainable agriculture can yield significantly greater returns and add value to farmland.

Course Details

Module 1: Preparation, Design: and Planting 

  • Landscape layout & design: Layout theory and practical application to garden design for growing food
  • Soil preparation: Soil type classification and rehabilitation using organic compost preparation, manures, and managing soil fertility
  • Seedling propagation: practical preparation, seed types, seeding techniques, and upkeep
  • Planting: Transplanting techniques, staggered planting, spacing

Module 2: Caring for your plants and soil for maximum output. 

  • Weed control, pest and disease management, 
  • fertilizing, composting irrigation, soil testing.
  • Tending, maintenance & harvesting: Mulching, plant appropriate and water-efficient irrigation techniques, produce and seed optimising  harvest methods

Module 3: professional Management of Your Market Garden For All Seasons 

  • Pre and post-harvesting management, soil management,
  • Market gardens: quality assurance sorting grading selecting quality
  • Saving and storing seeds – creating a seed bank.



Course Investment: R 1500
Duration: 3 +2 days
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday